Wedding updates

Since the last wedding update, A has officially proposed. I know technically there isn’t a need to but I have always wanted one. 

I loved like everything about my proposal but I guess I won’t be uploading any photos here….yet

We have also booked our videographer as well as my customised western gown vendor. 

Like ALL others except decor (met 5 vendors and had a long convo with 1 vendor…and we are still not decided SIGHS), they were the only vendors we meet before we decide to sign HAHA. We did ask around for budgetary quotations lah of course. 

Is this a sign I should just do a fully Chinese-style wedding with no Dias? Haha no I kid. Us deciding to do RSVP type of wedding (i.e Chi style) already caused a few ppl to be upset (our wedding not urs and we are paying everything so whatever). With no Dias I think those ppl will flip 😂

Videographer is in the north (yay!) while the western gown vendor is near my office (5 mins walk). Since I should still be at my current workplace till my wedding so I guess that’s a yay too! Haha

We have also decided to just wear two outfits since we have to vacate the venue by 4pm. A traditional one for solemnization and then perhaps some minor tweaks for first walk in since the solemnization will just be attended by family members. The western one will be for the second and final walk in. 

Tried a few of the gowns at the boutique for the designer to get a rough idea of my body type/my likes and dislikes.

Here are some photos. Nope I will not be wearing anything similar to these…. I think.

I seriously need to exercise though if I want to look nice in my dream gown.

So key things we have signed:

  • Venue (more or less. Trying  to change to the bigger area now) + Catering 
  •  Malay bridal (MUA+ Malay outfit) & Western outfit (for me)
  • Photography
  • Videography

Guess I am extremely fast for a 2018 bride lol. Really hope everything goes well and no shit happens. 


Yay we are back on track!

So… we went for a wedding showcase last weekend…. and we signed!! 

So now we have settled the venue, catering, berkat and erm 65% of decor? haha. Yes we met our timeline:))

To be honest, this was the first venue we visited. The previous venue that we almost booked- we had seen tons of pictures of weddings held there that we felt we knew the venue enough to book it. 

One of the reasons why we signed was because we simply cant be bothered to go down to another wedding showcase or venue reccee. Seriously damn lazy couple wtf😂

Even the night before the showcase I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sign due to the cost (extremely rare time where decision lies with me but then again A wasn’t very keen on the other venues I proposed🙄 so maybe this point not very true

The venue is unfortunately not in north but I guess it is pretty central. It is walking distance from mrt….unless ure in high heels lol.

Another reason that led me to agree to sign was that the place as a whole seems pretty nice, to me.  A was like the second tour guide coz he went down to meet the sales mgr a few weeks back to reccee the place 😂 I am thankful that he is very involved in this whole planning thing coz I can’t do it alone with my current job sighs.

But seriously I could possibly hv bought a small Chanel with that deposit damnnn.

Hopefully I can finalize the vendor for the dias by 1Q2017 and everything else by 3Q2017. #timetoeatgrass

Wanna make a guess? Lol

Wedding woes 

So last week A rep the both of us and went down to sign the decor and venue package (booking through the vendor)….Well that was how it was supposed to turn out lah but it didn’t.

Vendor told us the venue raised the price so in turn they have to raise prices too. In addition, we previously clarified the cost of this particular component of the decor but they said it was all inclusive. Last week, they said there was additional cost! So of course A was astounded by these new injects and left without signing. 

This is the break down of the increase

Initial cost ($x + $y + $z)

Decor: $x (All inclusive- set up, stage etc)

Venue: $y

Premium: $z (to accommodate future increases to venue cost and I suppose to reimburse them for the hassle of booking the venue for us)

Revised cost

Decor: $x + a (extra cost for decor)

Venue: $y + b (to cater for the increase in price)

Premium: approx $z 

This whole episode has just left us disillusioned and now we are back to square one- to decide on the venue coz we can’t afford (fml) all the additional cost.

Sighs I personally think that a lot of things hinges on the venue. 

  • Number of hours for photography, videography and makeup (hotel 4 hours event vs CC 7 hours event maybe) 
  • Extensiveness of decor 
  • Catering matters 
  • Type and how glamorous the outfits can be (e.g I personally wouldn’t wear a ball gown for a beach wedding)

Etc etc

So… wedding prep will be on hold because we don’t know what kind of venue to hold the wedding at anymore and we dont feel like /can’t afford to be paying so much for the venue also sighss.

Plus, we have our own set of criteria for the venue lah which makes it more difficult to settle on one

Some of the criteria

  • Air conditioned 
  • North (preferably) or central. Hell no to east omg. It’s such a torture to travel. It’s really the last resort. 
  • Accessible. Near mrt would be the best HAHA. Don’t mean to offend anyone but I really hate ulu places like seletar country club or sentosa or basically a lot of places lah huh lol.  Basically we are just super lazy to travel to far/ not very accessible places. From personal experience, it is a hassle for guests without cars also.
  • Nice toilet (hopefully) I don’t want my guests to cringe when using it. Some of the toilets at cc are just major gross and no to portable toilets 
  • If it’s on the second floor, jolly well have an escalator or staircase because again we may have some elderly people   / guests with knee issues. 

I feel like just not caring about this anymore till the last minute. Concentrate on house and honeymoon perhaps?

Food tasting #1

We were enquiring a few catering company. One of them being Wedding by LQ. The person mentioned that they are going to have a food tasting session.

Since the session was in the north (haha kalau tak there’s no way we would go #lazyaf) and I was quite free… so why not lah huh.

They offer catering and decor and I think their package is quite affordable. Their decor seems nice too but ya I’m not sure if I would be considering them for decor.

For the venue that we are considering there’s an additional cost of about $2k (for transportation cost because no cooking at the venue) but of course  can minus off some logistics that we don’t need (eg prayer tentage etc)

Food wise… I guess it’s ok? Haha I really dunno how to judge food 😂

Oh ya I think we were the only ones there who came without parents lol. I guess parents are more discerning when it comes to food? It’s just quite awkward for us to bring our parents to such things. Moreover we are footing 100% of the bill (fortunately or unfortunately. Will talk about it on another post) so I guess there isn’t a need to? Hmmm

Here are some pictures for reference.

Decor woes: Finding THE ONE 

Sighs we have already met up with 3 vendors and spoke to 1 over the phone but I/we (?) can’t seem to be fully certain that we have found THE ONE. 

Is 4 vendors a lot or average by normal standards?

Out of the 4, we should be going for the most cost effective but I dunno why I’m not sure if we should commit to it…yet.

Moreover I THINK the 4 we met up/spoken to are the quite popular/established ones so I’m not sure what’s with this dilemma. 

Ok lah we still have A LOT of time so I guess I will just continue asking around for quotes but we are honestly too lazy to meet up with anymore vendors lol

On another note, really quite glad I chose TWB! The outfits and makeup for the recent brides pretty much up to my liking. I guess maybe we can downgrade our package and no need to customize lah huh haha. Haven’t decided if we should tailor nikah and western outfits though 

2nd vendor booked 

So today we went to another wedding showcase and settled for bridal! 

I previously said I wanted malaysia vendors aye but after emailing some of them…. haha Obv I cnt afford them.

I was quite indecisive and was thinking of taking on 2 MTMs but after rationalising we decided to take one first. Will most probably upgrade the package later lah huh. Additional perk is that the vendor is in the north so yay! Hope to keep most of the vendors to the north coz we are too lazy to travel to any far off offices 😅 Does anyone else has vendor’s location as their criteria or are we just the weird one? Lol
Hope to book decor or catering next although for decor it will be a tough choice between what I REALLY want (i.e. Rizalman inspired wedding decor) and what can reasonably fit our budget. 

A few photos taken at the event.

1st vendor booked

So…. the date is set (by both of us without consulting the parents lol) and  we made the deposit for the first vendor! Woohoo

Didn’t think we would book photography first but that’s the only one that I could make a decision on at the moment. Did I research much? No not really. Just that the vendor seemed popular so I thought why not😂

Obssession with Malaysian wedding vendors

I was reading the Malay wedding forum and I guess I’m not the only one who is crazy over Malaysian MUAs, decor , designers and whatnot haha. 

I have been following Malaysian celebs wedding since Scha and Awal got married back in 2012(?). Another celebrity got married recently, I’m not going to say who but it is pretty obvious hahaha, and that just cemented my love for Malaysian vendors.

This is going to sound super bimbotic but I LOVE everything about that celeb’s wedding esp her NATURAL makeup, outfits and decor. Clearly this shows where my priority lies lol.

Infact, I’m pretty sure a Sgporean vendor was insipired by this celeb’s decor because they did sth similar recently- albeit not exuding the same grandeur, probably due to the nature of the event. 

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing haha. Just being a girl and penning down my obsession. Oh ya and a reminder to myself to somehow save so somehowwww I can afford to fly in a Malaysian MUA and customise all my outfits. Decor wise, oklah  I have about 3 Sgporean vendors in mind.